Synoptica Platform

Identify and track companies’ growth using the power of Big Data and Natural Language Processing.

Project Background

Synoptica is a Big Data system which helps organisations identify companies and then rank and continuously track the way they develop and grow.
Synoptica goes beyond traditional software solutions that create rich profiles of companies. It uses word associations and Natural Language Processing to not only identify companies, but also track how those companies are changing over time based on metrics that are relevant to the customer.

Engagement Scope

  • Development of a MVP engine for web scraping and real-time big data analysis
  • Web platform development



“Damian and the team were committed, and extremely supportive, to the project from start to finish. They brought innovation and expert Big Data skills to the table. Their approach and guidance has been phenomenal and their transparent process made it easy to include our feedback every step of the way.

I highly recommend Damian and the ElementX team to any company looking to take an innovative product to market.“

Stephen Mooney

Stephen Mooney,
CEO at Synoptic Technologies

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