Our Vision and Mission

At ElementX our vision is to create a better custom software development experience. We turn this vision into reality by working relentlessly to provide our Clients with a boutique-like, tailor-made service that leads to high quality, resilient bespoke software and happy Customers.

The Challenge

In 2014 application outsourcing was estimated to be a $507 billion global industry [1], with IT services being the top outsourced activities.

Yet, many businesses, ranging from small one-man shops to blue chip companies describe the experience as unsatisfactory at best and a disaster at worst.

Some prime examples of project outsourcing failures include Boeing 787 fiasco [2] and IBM failures [3, 4].

Back in 2003 Gartner had claimed that around 50% of outsourced projects are doomed to fail [5].
Clearly there's a problem with doing custom software development right.

Over the years we have identified some common software development project pain points and reasons for failure. The biggest of them being:

poor communication, unclear specifications, weak governance.

The Solution

At ElementX we tackle and overcome each of the problems by following our own set of processes and good practices that we call the Elementary Manual. Our processes are built around a few fundamental concepts:

Agile Team

Dedicated Agile Software Teams

Made-tomeasure Services

Made-to-Measure Services

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

These foundations are what drives us and feeds directly into our Values and Culture.

Our Values & Culture

Stay small to achieve Big

By consciously staying boutique-small we remain:
focused, agile, resilient and strong.

Integrity and honesty

Keep it real. Treat Clients like you want to be treated.

Effective Communication
& Meaningful Relationships

We want our Clients to be partners, so be open and clear.

Passion for Technology and Innovation

Read, experiment, code, innovate, blog about tech. Then repeat.

Take pride in your work

It’s not a corporation, so make a difference, give value to Clients and take pride.

Work / life balance

Because nobody wants tired folk around their software.

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